Rodent Tracker -
Will Show You
Where The Rodents,
Mice, Rats, Squirrels
are coming in!
How Rodent Tracker Actually Works!
Here is the 'nuts and bolts' why and how Rodent Tracker Works (it works all the time - its quite amazing).

The product is 'housed' in a small rodent house where the rodent comes inside because we have the fibre that rodents
go crazy for.

What? Fibre? we can hear you asking...

Yes, this fibre has been know by rodent experts that rodents really like building their nests with this soft material.
Because its so in demand by all nesting rodents, we put it inside our Rodent Tracker (where the rats and mice go into to
get it).

Note: The Rodent Tracker, does no harm or danger to any rodents whatsoever, its only goal is to track rodents showing
you where they are going and just importantly showing you where rodents are NOT going!

You can place the Rodent Tracker both inside or out, because your intention is to find their holes they've made both
inside and outside and then plug both sides.

Remember plug holes with Steel Wool or Copper Mesh. Sometimes mix with concrete for larger holes.
Rodents can easily dig and chew their way through wood, expanding foam, concrete but don't like steel wool or copper
mesh at all! Use it to your advantage!

Its so easy!

Place Rodent Tracker
where you think you may
have had some rodent
action (feces or mess).

They will come inside
Rodent Tracker looking
for nesting material!
They steal the fibre nesting material
to add to their nest.

What they don't know is that the
fibre is coated in tracking dust. They
leave a trail as they go!

Using a special UV flashlight (we
provide you) you can follow them to
their holes and often their actual
1) Without our special
UV Flashlight
(provided) you can not
see if there was any
rodent movement.
2) The rodent stole our
fibre and you can
easily track it with the
special UV Flashlight.
3) They actually came out of the Rodent
Tracker and made a turn going around
the back and side as they left
Rodent Tracker is not danergous click here for our MSDS its powder is UV Tracking Dust.

Once you've got footprints, simply follow the rodent (rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunk) back to where they came in from.
Plug those holes with steel wool or coppermesh (sold at most hardware or food stores).

Use The Raticator to quickly and easily kill the rats and mice that are either too young and still nesting or those trapped
inside your home (now that the holes are plugged).
All Rodents can climb straight up walls, and can go through the
smalles hole (usually not much bigger than a dime).

Their teeth continue to grow, so they must gnaw to keep
them shorter and sharper. Its not hard for them to
gnaw through your wood, stucco, or drywall.
They can also get through some concrete as well.

They reproduce fast in many cases up to
16 new rodents per month!
This mouse got through
your gate but how is he
getting inside your home?
Rodent Tracker Will
Show You!
Like Having
Rodent Radar!
Rat Teeth (which
continually grow)!
You Need To Track Them and Stop
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